The film reveals the dramatic destiny of wonderful young women, journalists who in 1936 started the socially-engaged magazine "Woman Today". The editorial office is in today's Nušićeva Street in Belgrade. They are highly educated. They skillfully dealt with censorship until 1940. The magazine was then banned. What were they willing to do, how much were they willing to take risks, what were they sacrificing, what were they warning about, what were they writing about? What fate awaits them? Who are Olga Alkalaj, Fani Politeo Vučković, Mitra Mitrović, Milica Šuvaković, Jelisaveta Beška Bembas, Nataša Jeremić, Jojić Olga, Dušica Stefanović, Zora Sher, Paulina Sudarski? The script for the film was based on the texts and war memoirs of those who survived. The texts in the film are interpreted by actresses: Milica Stefanović, Aleksandra Janković, Mitra Mladenović, Marijana Dugalić and Mina Obradović.


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