Tian Yao is a dragon spirit who was betrayed by his lover and stripped of his dragon bones. He meets Yan Hui, a free-spirited young maiden who holds the key to help him regain his powers and his faith in love. Mysteries will abound as Yan Hui come to learn of her true origin.

Genre: Drame

Jeter: Hou Minghao, Zhou Ye, Yang Rong, Wang Yilun, Maggie Chen, Zuo Ye, Kenny Kwan, Ken Chang, Liu Yaoyuan, Zhang Kaiying, Pema Jyad

Première date de diffusion: May 09, 2023

Dernière date d'air: Jun 12, 2023

Pays: CN

Durée: 43 minutes

Qualité: HD

imdb rating 6.9


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