Kris works in a pet shop on the outskirts of town. Her childhood dreams of becoming a vet are long in the past. But tomorrow, Kris is going on holiday with her boyfriend Kirill. Packing is a real challenge, however, as she leaves every decision she makes up to a coin. The choice between a baseball cap and a straw hat, a latte and a cappuccino, an underground or a taxi ride, can only be made by a magic coin which was once given to her by her father. On the first day of the holiday everything goes to hell. On Instagram she sees a new post from her ex-boyfriend Sergei – who died five years ago in a car crash. After an argument with Kirill, she decides to track Sergei down. However, Kris finds not only her ex, but another version of herself – the confident and successful Tina. If Sergei isn’t dead, and he married Tina 5 years ago, which girl is the real Kristina?

Genre: Drame, Comédie

Jeter: Yuliya Khlynina, Petr Skvortsov, Anton Filipenko, Andrey Urgant, Evgeniya Dmitrieva, Sofya Doniants, Maxim Radugin

Première date de diffusion: Dec 02, 2021

Dernière date d'air: Jan 13, 2022

Pays: RU

Durée: 24 minutes

Qualité: HD

imdb rating 5.5


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