Orkney Snork Nie

Orkney Snork Nie, a popular Afrikaans sitcom, originally broadcast by the SABC in South Africa. The name translates directly into Orkney Doesn't Snore, but the message being conveyed in Afrikaans is that the town isn't sleepy, there's always something happening.

Genre: Comédie

Jeter: Zack du Plessis, Annette Engelbrecht, Sally Campher, Frank Opperman, Anrich Herbst, Carien Wandrag, Bernice du Plessis, Eugene Martin

Première date de diffusion: May 10, 1989

Dernière date d'air: Oct 14, 1992

Pays: ZA

Durée: 23 minutes

Qualité: HD

imdb rating 9


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