Съни бийч

The series transports the viewers and online users of bTV Media Group to the colorful world of one of the most visited and commented Bulgarian tourist destinations in Europe. The high-quality production raises the curtain on the secrets of the hotel business, broken through the personal stories of the characters. The series features young stars of Bulgarian television cinema, who became favorites of the audience with the first original series of bTV.

Genre: Comédie

Jeter: Lydia Indjova, Boryana Bratoeva, Yavor Baharov, Ivo Arakov, Boyko Krastanov, Evelin Kostova, Daniel Tzotchev, Stoyan Radev, Nadya Ivanova

Première date de diffusion: Feb 21, 2020

Dernière date d'air: Jun 07, 2022

Pays: BG

Durée: 43 minutes

Qualité: HD

imdb rating 9


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