Gäste zum Essen

Soraya (Neda Rahmanian) and André Faber (Matthias Koeberlin) are worried about their 16-year-old daughter Mila (Hannah Schiller), who - presumably due to the bad influence of her boyfriend Leon (Paul Sundheim) - is in danger of slipping away from them. Without further ado, they invite Leon's parents Viktor (Maximilian Grill) and Monika Popow (Josefine Preuss) to their spacious architect-designed house for dinner. While the rich Fabers are still thinking about a considerate, understated style of clothing, Viktor and the cashier Monika arrive on their motorbikes already dressed up - in a fighting mood. The evening takes an unpredictable course with increasing dynamics and in view of the adolescent behavior of the unleashed parents.


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