Ivo works as a palliative home-care nurse. Every day, she visits families, couples and single people. They live in small flats and large houses. They all have different lives and deaths. They all have different ways of dealing with the time that remains. At home, Ivo’s teenage daughter has long since become independent. From morning to night, Ivo drives around in her old Skoda which she has made into her personal living space. Here, she eats her meals, works, sings, swears and dreams. One of her patients, Solveigh, has become a close friend. Ivo has also formed a relationship with Solveigh’s husband, Franz. Day after day, the two work together to care for Solveigh. And they sleep with each other. Solveigh’s strength is diminishing and she soon has to rely on support for the simplest tasks. She wants the final decision to be her own: she wants Ivo to help her die.


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