Jin Khodam

Bagas returns to his village after a long time at the Islamic boarding school to revive religious activities and realign social norms that have been lost in his village. He was accompanied by his best friends, Ayu and Hadi. But Bagas's effort is met with extreme opposition from Wirya, a rich man in his village, because he feels it is interfering with their interests. Finally Wirya and his men agreed to get rid of Bagas, with the help of six other people they persecuted Bagas to death. Bagas' body was then thrown into the river under the bridge. But how surprised they were, from the mosque they heard the Asyghil prayer that Bagas usually sings before the dawn call to prayer. They were curious and immediately went to the mosque. They were scared to see Bagas who was still alive! They were increasingly frightened when two of them were found dead in a terrible way. Since then, the terror of Bagas, who always rides his bicycle and rings the bell, has haunted them.


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