A old man is desperate to help is very sick son (Peter), and is tricked by the local "mobster" to take Peter to a sangoma/nyanga, who is in a syndicate with the mobster. Moses does not believe that the hospital and medication are helping. Whilst his oldest son (Paul) and fiance (Ruth) are at church he takes Peter to the sangoma. However Moses is killed by the sangoma, and Peter's condition worsens without his medication. Paul along with Ruth are over come with worry and they set out to rescue his brother and father, they are helped by Robert whose wife was also kidnapped by the sangoma. Even though they too late to save Moses, they manage to rescue Roberts wife and Peter.

Genre: Drame, Action



Pays: South Africa

Durée: 68 minutes

Qualité: HD

Libération: 1985

imdb rating 7


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