So Much To Do- So little Time

The story of four young people, ShinAe Ahn who is transgender, and three others, pan-sexual, gay, and lesbian respectively, who are fed up with the oppressive and authoritarian conservative government and its influence on the country. ShinAe Ahn decides to run for the office of prime minister, with the help of her friends and supporters. She meets a lot of caring people, and also a lot of haters. The current Prime Minister is not at all tolerant of the LGBTQIA+ community and is trying his hardest to stop any party that does not follow the orders of the conservative government from running without any logical reason to do so. That creates a political divide within the country, as politicians will attack anyone who is and/or who acts differently, or who stands up for people/themselves who they personally don't like. This story however is being told after the fact, a few years after the election, when ShinAe won as prime minister.


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