The Forfeiture Clause

Through a living trust, a newlywed couple is awarded a magnificent estate with a spacious, custom-built home, pool, and spa. The property is attached to a private lake, acres of sustainable agriculture, fruit orchards, flowering botanical gardens, vegetation in abundance, and sprawling vineyards on rolling hills. To retain ownership of the homestead, the newlyweds must not violate the contingency stipulation of the land trust. Their idyllic life takes a terrifying turn when they encounter a sinister force in the forbidden area of the property, which threatens their love, their lives and their sanity. Inspired by actual events.

Genre: Drame, Mystère, Thriller

Jeter: Ella Grace Helton



Durée: 84 minutes

Qualité: HD

Libération: 2023

imdb rating 7


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